You might be a Product Manager if:

1.You've created a roadmap through 2015 你的规划已经安排到了2015年

2.You can't remember working less than 70 hours a week 你已经想不起来什么时候是一周工作少于70小时了。

3.You've lost your hair (if you haven't consider yourself warned!)开始掉头发

4.At your annual customer summit, you stay late to setup and test products for the next day while Sales runs up a historic bar tab 在客户年会的头一天,你费老大的劲去折腾安排、测试产品,即使那些销售人员在干别的事情(这个地方不是很准)

5.You used to be a programmer but were too extroverted 你曾经是一名程序员,但是又觉得自己过于外向。

6.You used to be a salesperson but were too introverted 你曾经是一名销售人员,但是又觉得自己过于内向。

7.You use customer interview techniques with your spouse to discover the root cause of their problems so you can build a “solution” (”That's interesting…tell me more!”《smack》)你总是使用用户研究的一些技巧去问你的伴侣很多问题,想借此找到解决他们所遇到的问题的方法

8.You wake up at night worried about getting your product's feature-set right or hitting your ship date你总是在深夜里醒来,担心自己负责的产品功能是否运转正常或者按时发布(这个地方不太准)

9.You find competitive and win-loss analysis fun (ugh, I can't believe I just realized I find those things fun) 你觉得竞争优势和胜负变成一件有意思的事。

10.You walk through the store and look at products thinking “what problem does that solve?”你走进一家商店,看着货架上的产品,却一直在想,这些东西能解决什么问题?

11.You do a SWOT analysis before making any major purchase在做任何大宗购买的时候你都要做一次SWOT分析。

12.The last thing you do before you go to bed and the first thing you do when you wake up is to check your email睡觉之前睡醒之后做的第一件事就是看邮件

13.You've ever written “The System Shall…“你肯定写过类似“这个系统应该怎样怎样”的话

14.You never have less than five #1 priorities你的首要工作项目绝不会少于五件

15.You've sat behind the one-way mirror at a focus group你曾经在焦点小组访谈的单向镜后待过。

16.One or more of the following groups is pissed at you: Sales, Development, QA, Tech Support, Marketing, or Operations. Special bonus if you get all at once.以下团体中至少有一个或以上的团体对你表示过不满:销售,研发,测试,技术支持,市场或者是运营,如果你同时惹到了它们,算你厉害。

17.You enjoy writing requirements that constrain easy way out from the Programmer.

18.You've actually learned how to herd cats.

19.You own an iPhone.你拥有一部iPhone手机

20.You wonder how the iPhone product manager prioritized all the possible features.你经常在想iPhone的产品经理是如何规划出所有可能的功能点的。

21.You wonder how many engineering hours it took to create a new feature in your favorite web app.你经常在思考如果要在你最喜欢的web应用里添加一个新功能要花费多少开发时间。

22.You try to envision the next 3 design updates for any product you see.你会想象每个你看到的产品接下来的三次升级的特色

23.You think in Use Cases.你用用户案例的思考方式思考

24.You're always looking for an alternative flow of events.你总是寻找不同以往的事物发展流程

25.You can't live without OmniGraffle or Visio.没有OmniGraffle或者Visio你觉得没法活

26.You had to reset expectations with management, customers, engineering, and finance.你不得不在管理层,用户群,开发人员和财会人员之间不断周旋

27.You had to produce a WW product forecast for sales since they are too busy to do it.

28.You enjoy watching “How It's Made.“你喜欢观看How It's Made系列节目。

29.You plan “features” for your children and have a “roadmap” for their skill growth你对自己的孩子有成长规划,期望它们拥有特定的“功能”

30.Your wedding included a powerpoint presentation.你会在婚礼上使用PPT

31.Major life events require a MS Project file.重要的事件里总少不了微软project文件

32.You get “phantom buzzing” in your pocket when you forget your Blackberry.当你忘记带黑莓手机在身上的时候,会出现幻听

33.You've talked to more customers in the last month than all of your executives combined.你在上个月有过交谈的用户数量超过了谈过话的所有主管数量。

34.Your marketing person said “you're technical…explain this to me like I was 10.” then, “…now like I was 3…”你跟市场部同事沟通的时候,它们会告诉你,你讲的太技术了,你要把我当成10岁小孩一样给我解释,等你讲了半天以后,他们又会说,还是把我当成3岁小孩一样解释吧。

35.You know what all of these are: MRD, PRD, BRD, Functional Spec, sprint, scrum, CAB, spiff.你知道一下名词的涵义:MRD,PRD,BRD,Functional Spec, sprint, scrum, CAB, spiff.

36.Your favorite question is “why?”你最爱问的问题是“为什么”

37.Your favorite application is Excel.你最喜欢的软件是excel

38.You've built your own product P&L template in Excel to save time.你在excel里建立了自己的产品P&L 模板以节省时间

39.You've used your P&L template across multiple companies.你的产品P&L 模板在多家公司供职的时候都使用过

40.You know what the “analyst dance” is, and you're definitely a PM if you've done it.你知道什么是数据分析(?),因为如果你是个称职的产品经理,你必然经历过

41.You know what your customer is going to say before they say it.在你的客户开口前你就已经知道他们想说什么

42.Your spouse knows who your 3 biggest competitors are by name.你的伴侣都知道你的竞争者前三名的名字

43.You've flown on every major (and some minor) airline this year.你对大大小小的航空公司都不爽过

44.You've used , or Facebook to connect with a customer.你使用过twitter,linkedin,facebook与用户保持联系。

45.You've dreamt about competitive kill sheets.

46.You've been to ProductCamp曾经去过productcamp之类的活动

47.You're the one your comes to when he/she really wants to know how things are going.当你的上司想要知道事情进展的怎么样的时候,他要找的人是你而不是别人。

48.“They” remembered your revenue commitment but not your product's funding.

49.Everyone thinks they do a part of your job.每个人都认为完成了你交待给他们的任务。

50.You've ever had to explain to a founder or why customers don't want their great new idea.你得向者或者上司解释为什么用户不喜欢他们提出的注意。

51.You've been asked for the revenue impact of deleting a single feature.曾经有人向你询问过砍掉某个功能带来的经济损失。

52.You've been held accountable for Development's schedule slips.研发部门没有按日程完成工作,你得为其负责。

53.You've been the person that everyone brings the hard questions to at the trade show booth.在展会上,你是解答大家疑问的人。

54.Caffeine is one of your primary food groups.每天都不能离开咖啡因

55.You spend more time with your development counterpart than your spouse.你在公司和同事相处的时间超过和自己伴侣在一起的时间

56.You write a blog about Product Management…gulp!你还专门为了PM写博客,晕!


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