Apple employees earn on average $46,000 per year

apple_employees_retail_storeComparing the financial results of Apple and Goldman Sachs, John Cassidy, with The New Yorker, notes that Apple employees get an average annual salary of $46,000. This includes employees at Apple Retail Stores. If you exclude Retail Stores, the average annual salary more than doubles at $107,000.

Another thing that differentiates Goldman from Apple is how much it pays its employees. In 2010, Goldman’s 35,700 employees took home an average of $430,700. Apple doesn’t publish much information about its labor costs. According to the jobs Web site Simply Hired, the average salary at Apple is $46,000. Another Web site, Salary List, quotes a substantially higher figure—$107,719—but that doesn’t appear to include people working at Apple’s more than three hundred retail stores.

Cassidy concludes with a note that “Apple employees earn a lot less than their counterparts at Goldman despite the fact they generate a much higher return—private and social—on the capital they use”.



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