JD of China Director, Software and Services

POSITION:    China Director, Software and Services

LOCATION:    Beijing, China

JOB TYPE:     Market Intelligence and Advisory Services

COMPANY:     World’s leading technology media, events and Research Company


Seeking results oriented individual with a background in IT industry, market research or a survey organization for a Director position based in Beijing office. He/she will head the COMPANY’s China Software and Services Research group. In this role, he/she will drive research and analysis that focuses on tracking emerging technology trends, vendor strategies, market size, distribution channels and end-user segmentation in the services markets.


Key Results Areas

(Areas of responsibility)

Key Tasks

(Tasks associated with each area of responsibility)


(% of time spent)

Research Responsibilities:

  • Conducts and writes research, using both primary and secondary sources.
  • Manages multiple research schedules.
  • Shares the lead in marketing efforts for research products managed.
  • Has developed a primary source of network.
  • Coordinates (with peers and supervisors) research products and schedules across the organization.
  • Involvement in inquiry work is minimal.


Consulting Responsibilities:

  • Consulting activities are regular responsibility, and are important source of revenues for the unit managed.
  • Consulting responsibilities include identifying opportunities, assisting in developing proposals, and assisting in closing consulting sales.
  • Spends time conducting and writing research for consulting projects.


Sales Responsibilities:

  • Manages the sales activities related to the program managed.
  • Primary emphasis is subscription sales and renewals, as well as substantial emphasis on the development of consulting and multi-client opportunities.
  • Regular participation in closing the sales opportunity.


Human Resource Management:

  • Direct supervises the work of others.
  • Participates in the recruitment of staff.
  • Responsible for skills training, reviewing of work, and evaluating performance.
  • Participate in allocation of awards.
  • Participate in development of an effective organizational structure.


External Communication:

  • Responding to press inquiries and maintaining a network of press contacts is an important component of the job.
  • Equally important is the regular participation in sales opportunities, trade show presentations, and client visits.
  • The Program Manager is often involved in external contacts regarding consulting opportunities, client research presentations, and sales closings.
  • The Program Manager has developed an extensive network of press contacts.


Financial Responsibilities:

  • Develop budget to meet pre-determined financial objectives.
  • Recommends subscription discounts and has limited participation in the establishment of revenue and expense goals.
  • Balanced emphasis on expense and revenue management.



  • Individuals with 7-15 years job experience in a market research firm, a strategy division of a large regional IT vendor, or a regional survey organization•
  • Sound understanding of current IT technology- and specifically IT package software (middleware, enterprise applications, apps store, business analytics…) and services (consulting, integration, outsourcing, managed & support services – preferably both from an infrastructure and application perspective)
  • Comfort with market metrics and an understanding of economic measures and concepts•
  • Numerically oriented with solid writing skills and project management
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft office tools and Internet tools
  • MS Offices experience required, familiarity with SPSS advantageous
  • Written and verbal fluency in English and Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Permanent Residents or those authorized to work in Beijing
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and a team player
  • Excellent communications skills – especially verbal
  • Self-motivated and able to perform independently
  • Copes well under pressure, particularly with deadlines and multiple competing demands


  • Ability to work under pressure, especially with multiple consulting projects come in at the same time.
  • Ability to well communicate with different regional/global research groups
  • Ability to stand up and present the IT market long term views

KEY WORKING RELATIONSHIPS: The person will spend around 2 weeks per quarter in Singapore to work with the regional services, in order to bring in new ideas and ensure tighter relationship.


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