JD of Director, Custom Research & Integrated Marketing Services, GCR

POSITION:    Director, Custom Research & Integrated Marketing Services, GCR

LOCATION:   Beijing, China

JOB TYPE:   Market Intelligence and Advisory Services

COMPANY:   World's leading technology media, events and Research Company


  • Develop business plan to grow the non-syndicated revenue from Custom Research & Consulting and IMP opportunities in Greater China region
  • Execute on the plan including business development, proposal development, project oversight and management, information research and report writing to develop and capture the opportunities
  • Support the improvement and refinement of research and modelling techniques with the aim of leveraging existing databases and field research to develop custom reports and presentations for business development and project delivery purposes
  • Review the market landscape and identify the research requirements and demands of the ICT vendors, channel players and related organizations in China and international with regard to developing, reviewing, improving or expanding their marketing strategy in Greater China
  • Develop or guide the development of research programs to support the custom research demands of client organizations so as to enable the ability to sell, win and deliver the research to meet client needs.  Coordinating and conducting all aspects of research on each project including data gathering, analysis and processing, report writing, and presentations.  Project management coordination between multiple countries and departments is needed
  • Develop domain expertise in the area of channel consulting and research so as to be the “go-to” person in COMPANY for knowledge sharing, proposal development, market analysis, speaking engagement and project delivery.  Ownership of research project ranging from leading the business development, proposal generation, all through managing the analysis and project fulfilment
  • Develop systems and procedures to institutionalize the knowledge and expertise gained to be retained within COMPANY as an organization.  This includes participating in the training and knowledge sharing of the research with across domains, business units and regions
  • Achieve the business plan as discussed and agreed with management in both financials as well as operational/oganizational objectives.  Take the lead in products and services development to productize (or monetize) research knowledge and areas into syndicated subscription based programs that are repeatable and re-saleable to multiple clients
  • Support marketing efforts to build the COMPANY brand as the pre-eminent company that is able to provide world class research and meet client needs with regards to their custom research and marketing needs


  • Individuals with a minimum 5 to 6 years job experience in a market research or management consulting firm, a market intelligence division of an InfoComm company, or a consultancy focused on InfoComm.   Individuals with proven project management expertise and experience in the InfoComm industry will also be considered favorably.
  • Minimum university or college degree, BA, BSc or equivalent, MBA preferred
  • Exposure to a cross section of InfoComm technologies
  • MS Excel and PowerPoint advanced level experience preferred. Familiarity with Access, or similar database a plus.
  • Proven experience in being able to engage ICT companies to gather information, to identify needs, to brainstorm ideas, and to crystallize into a proposal/project
  • Proven experience and ability to analyze data and articulate insights in documented or presentation forms to audience and clients
  • Background in marketing strategy, branding strategy, customer behavior analysis and/or price-cost analysis will be a plus
  • Excellent team player with strong execution, follow-through skills.   Able to work well with tight schedules and complex team structures
  • Self-starter with a track record of taking large-scale projects from inception through delivery. Good communication skills – written and verbal mastery of English and Chinese required.  Able to articulate concepts and solutions, multi-task and handle multiple project streams
  • Familiarity with the work culture and able to work with analyst teams across Hong Kong, PRC and Taiwan

Key Results Areas: Project Management, Revenue

Key Tasks & % of time spent: Project Management 30%, Proposal Development 30%, Business Development 30%, and Product Development 10%


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