乔布斯Steve Jobs语录(中英文对照)

He is a genius and crazy, Steve jobs office sayings.


Mr Jobs will come to our department see every day yesterday achievement, can hear him call names, we are not angry, because we know that he didn’t allow product launch, No sale for after.


1, do not according to user bad habits to design, also do not according to programmers thinking design!


2, have good ideas are going to insist, don’t be others’ opinion noise drown out your own inner voice. When your ideas stand, immediately magnanimous discard it is, and it is also a kind of persistence.


3, any product are not should bring a BUG to meet users, that is afraid to betray media postpone the release of time.


4, products must be feeling letting a person, but resolute don’t do new mice to try an unprecedented new product.


5, the sign painting so big? Apple products will at any time those who make a person recognized apple’s products rather than is the apple logo.


6, less than others with a line acquire lower process cost more than others, and provide a kind of value identification and obtain more profits, this is an apple.


7, all products will leave apple store but cannot leave apple system,we have to help customers continued use of apple products, until died.

8、 Thinkpad如果没了小红点,那它就不是Thinkpad。MACBook如果加了小红点,那它即不是IBM Thinkpad也不是苹果MACBook了。

8, Thinkpad if not a little red dot, it isn’t Thinkpad. MACBook if added little red dots, that it is not IBM Thinkpad nor apple MACBook.


9, let team for those who say“impossible” people feel not achieve them is shameful.


10, brand is not playing apple logo is an apple quality, hit the apple logo also need confidence and commitment to customers.


11, don’t lived for others, also don’t live for today’s themselves, to do good work today, tomorrow natural belong to you, high salary nature than others.


12, product design all the functions are a whole, should not have any reason to cut function, destroy unity.


13, a leader and a follower innovation distinguishes between,your time is limited, so don’t like asians that,wasted in imitate others this kind of things.


14, team of people who want to use Keynote to prove themselves only shows that you can, please take out the solution.


15, become the pronoun of not because of his remarkable how clever, but that he is how diligent.


16,East: “there’s a phrase in Buddhism,‘beginner’s never keep Have a beginner’s mind is a wonderful thing.


17、don’t look down upon a single button on the ipod, it and others are different is that we did 21 scheme, 84,000 times test, 57 times improvement, the satisfaction of customers from unnecessary insists






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